CFP – JPPM Special issue on Food and Consumer well-being

The deadline for receiving manuscripts is October 1, 2017.


Manuscripts are being solicited for an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing devoted to the relationship between food and consumer and societal well-being. The award-winning JPP&M article, « From Nutrients to Nurturance: A Conceptual Introduction to Food Well-Being » (Block et al. 2011), defines food well-being as « a positive psychological, physical, emotional, and social relationship with food at both the individual and societal levels » (p. 6).

This special issue seeks to expand the research conducted to date, and approach the relationship between food and well-being through a broad lens-focusing on consumer health as well as other measures of individual or societal well-being-to identify the key role that marketing and public policy play in preserving and promoting well-being. Recent research has called for a better understanding of the actions that can be taken on the individual and societal level by consumers, policy makers, firms, and other stakeholders to help improve consumer’s health by improving consumer’s food well-being (Bublitz et al. 2013).

We welcome novel empirical research that addresses outcomes traditionally associated with health in the food domain (e.g., dieting, obesity, etc.), as well as less considered food outcomes that impact consumer or societal well-being (e.g., emotional responses, social bonding, sustainable consumption, etc.). Because of the relevance of food well-being outcomes for consumers and policy makers, studies that include actual marketplace behaviors (e.g., field studies, field experiments) are strongly encouraged. Commentaries by industry or regulatory experts and manuscripts from scholars in other disciplines with expertise on the topic are also welcome. In line with the focus of JPP&M, submissions should contribute to an understanding of the role of marketing as it arises from and leads to policy decisions and/or legislative and regulatory actions; as such, submissions might explore the consequences of existing policies or provide insights for policy creation or change. 

Despite the scholarly and policy progress that has been made to date, the quest for food well- being persists, as consumers, firms, and policy makers struggle to find solutions for problems such as obesity, malnutrition, and food waste and other sustainability-related issues. We feel it is time to devote a special issue to this topic, which affects the lives of every person in the world, as well as society as a whole. Below is a list of possible topics that could fit this issue:

*             Cognitive and emotional responses to food

*             Dieting / restrained eating and well-being

*             Development of consumer’s relationship with food

*             Nostalgia and comfort foods

*             Environmental influences (e.g., food packaging, form, configuration, and presentation)

*             Consumer response to food-related policies

*             Role of food service providers (wait staff, preparers, manufacturers, firms)

*             Social influences (other consumers, social bonding, etc.) / family influences

*             Healthful / unhealthful eating and children

*             Food socialization

*             Adapting food consumption and disease states

*             Food literacy

*             Food availability

*             Food insecurity

*             Food marketing

*             Food policies and guidelines

*             Responses to food labeling

*             Responses to food marketing / advertising

*             Food pricing

*             Food waste

*             Sustainable consumption 

*             Poverty


Submission Requirements and Information:

Inquiries can be directed to the special issue co-editors: Maura L. Scott ( and Beth Vallen (

Submissions should follow the manuscript format guidelines for the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing found at

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