1st international Conference on Fair Trade – Agadir May, 18-20 2017

Fair trade has changed considerably during recent decades. Fair trade is related to merchandise exchanges in economically disadvantaged communities and many scholars link it to sustainable development based on the triple bottom lines (social, environmental and economic development).
Fair trade is presently considered as one of the drivers of sustainable production and consumption growth.

From another perspective, companies are dedicating specific resources to achieve substantial productivity and train their employees to run logistics and transportations of goods accordingly. Given this global trend and awareness, there are more and more courses, seminars and conferences that are dedicated to fair trade.

Nevertheless, due to growing pressure for sustainability, stakeholders question the real commitment of the actors involved in fair trade regarding environmental protection. Indeed, the ‘success’ of fair trade and its trendy image has generated many enquiries about the commitment of firms practicing fair trade to sustainable development principles, namely food security, and social economy.

Our event is an opportunity to bring together scientists, researchers and professionals to exchange ideas, practical experience and findings related to fair trade and sustainable development.

Some of the questions that the conference will debate are the following: What are the obstacles that still hinder the development of fair trade in some countries? How to reduce disparities between vendors on trade negotiating capacity? What are the new sectors covered by companies to promote new forms of this type of trade? Under what conditions the production conditions are monitored? What is the link that unites the practice of fair trade and sustainable development?

The conference will attempt to provide answers to these questions through lectures, communications, and particularly the discussion with between the participants.

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