Adèle Gruen

Junior Professor at University Paris Dauphine (Dauphine Research in Management)

Adèle Gruen is a Junior Professor in Marketing at the University Paris Dauphine, where she holds a Chair in Management and Ecological Transition. Adele’s research interests are grounded in consumer culture. First, she explores the boundaries between consumption and work. Her work studies new ways of working, coworking spaces, and productive third places (i.e. cafés or pubs that attract flexible workers to work for the day) and how they blend work with consumption (experiential aspects, hominess, leisure, wellbeing). Second, she looks at sharing-economy services (i.e. car sharing) and how they build relationships with consumers (attachment, trust). Her research has been published in the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Marketing Management. She is also the representative for Great-Britain in the international college of the French Association of Marketing (AFM).

Selected publications

Laetitia Mimoun and Adèle Gruen (2021) Customers’ Work Practices and the Productive Third Place, Journal of Service Research.

Adèle Gruen and Laetitia Mimoun (2019) Guest, friend or colleague? Unpacking relationship norms in collaborative workplaces. In Handbook of the Sharing Economy. Edited by Russell W. Belk, Giana M. Eckhardt and Fleura Bardhi. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Adèle Gruen (2017) Design and the creation of meaningful consumption practices in access-based consumption, Journal of Marketing Management, 33 (3-4), 226-243

Adèle Gruen and Denis Darpy. (2015) The Role of design in the Appropriation of Shared objects: Autolib’ in Paris, NA-Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 43

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