Anne-Marie Lebrun

Associate Professor at University of Burgundy (CREGO)

Anne-Marie Lebrun is an Associate Professor of marketing and management at the University of Burgundy. She is the Director of the Master in Sport Management since 2013. Her research interests and publications are in the field of consumer behavior in tourism, social representation and brand. Her current research projects are focused on food and beverage tourism and on social changes in the field of tourism.

Selected publications

Lebrun, A.M., Su, C.J., & Bouchet, P. (2021), A more sustainable management of domestic tourists in protected natural parks: a new trend in sport tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic? Sustainability, 13(14), 7750.

Lebrun, A.M., Corbel, R., & Bouchet, P. (2021), Impacts of Covid-19 on travel intention for summer 2020: a trend in proximity tourism mediated by an attitude towards Covid-19, Service Business,

Lebrun, A.M., Su, C.J., & Bouchet, P. (2021), Domestic tourists’ experience in protected natural parks: a new trend in pandemic crisis?, Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 35, 100398.

Lebrun, A.M., Neveu, Q. & Bouchet, P. (2020), Comparing perceived brand positioning among registered amateur football players, Sport, Business and Management: an International Journal, 10(2), 125-145.

I-Fang Cheng; Che-Jen Su; Hsin-Hsing Liao; Nicolas Lorgnier; Anne-Marie Lebrun; Wen-Shen Yen, Yi-Fang Lan & Yingfang Huang (2019) Adolescents’ perceptions of mother-father dominance in family vacation decisions: A 25-society study, Service Business, 13, 755–778.

Lebrun, A.M. & Corbel, R. (2019), L’efficacité de la communication pour la marque de destination urbaine – Représentations de touristes et de résidents, Téoros, [Online], 38, 2 connection on 03 August 2019. URL :

Badaoui, K., Lebrun, A.M., Su, C.J. & Bouchet, P. (2018), The influence of personal and social identity on the clothing consumption of adolescents, Canadian Journal of Administrative Science, 35(1), 65-78.

Lebrun, A.M. (2015), Representation of cruise: Cruisers and non-cruisers cross view, International Journal of Tourism Research, 17(5), 511-520.

Lebrun, A.M. (2014), Analysis of city break representations for two generational cohorts: Applying a free association technique, Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 31(2), 195-210.

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