Boris Collet

Doctoral candidate at Rouen Normandy University (NIMEC)

Boris Collet is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Eric Rémy (NIMEC) and Baptiste Cléret (NIMEC). Recoursing Nathalie Heinich’s sociology of art and values and Lucien Karpik’s Economies of Singularities, he aims to study the axiology of indie arts and to analyse the role of cultural intermediaries and mediation devices in the valuation process of independent music.

He also shows an interest in other research areas such as marketing and sociology of art, analog vs digital medias, space consumption or reflexive ethnography.

Selected publications

Collet B. (2016), Towards an interpretative approach of artistic value: an exploratory study of indie music, Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries Symposium – International Marketing Trends Conference, Turin, September 23-24.

Collet B. (2016), Digital Revolution, Analog Resistance, Consumer Culture Theory Art Gallery, Lille, July 6-9.