Coralie Lallemand

Doctoral candidate at University of Rouen (NIMEC)

Coralie Lallemand is a PhD student at NIMEC and teaches at the IAE Nancy School of Management. Her phD work is anchored in gender studies, and focuses on masculinities, particularly how men appropriate practices considered as feminine, based on a study of men who wear skirts.
Between deviance and resistance, the wearing of the skirt underlines the gender norms that permeate consumer practices. This work makes it possible to highlight the way in which masculinity sees itself evolving through an uncommon practice, while underlining the work of symbolic and material modifications of the practice in order to avoid a form of marginalisation

Selected publications

  • Bailly, A., Garcia-Bardidia, R., & Lallemand, C. (2020). Selling Second-Hand Items on the Web: New Skills for Everyone?. In The Social Meaning of Extra Money (pp. 97117). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. 
  • Communication : « La place de la matérialité dans une activité de loisirs inclusive – La cas des joëlettes » (en collaboration avec J-P. Nau et R. Garcia-Bardidia) – 18ème Journées Normandes de Recherche en Consommation ;
  • Communication : « Le processus de réappropriation culturelle masculine : Le cas de la jupe masculine » – 17ème Journées Normandes de la Recherche en Consommation