Eric Boutroy

Eric Boutroy

Eric Boutroy is Associate Professor at University of Lyon – Laboratoire sur les Vulnérabilités et l’Innovation dans le Sport (L-ViS). At the crossroad of sociology and ethnology, Eric Boutroy works on contemporary evolutions of leisure and sports consumption in the mountains (from mountaineering to ultra-trail). He develops his research in particular on socio-technical analysis of material and social innovations in the outdoor sector, with a particular attention on the role of users. His recent work focuses on a large community of practice based on a minimalist stylization of hiking (‘Marche Ultra-Légère’, i.e. lightweight backpacking). This case allows him to study the relationships between material detachment and increasing engagement in various forms of alternative consumption.


Selected publications

Ottogalli-Mazzacavallo, C. Boutroy E. (in press) « Manless rope team: a sociotechnical history of a social innovation » International Journal For the History of Sport

Boutroy E., Vignal B. (2018) « Conserver mieux pour consommer loin. Techniques de conservation alimentaire en itinérance sportive (randonnée, alpinisme himalayen) », Techniques & Culture. 69(1)

Boutroy E., Bodet G. (2017) « La proximité des usagers : Innovation et co-création dans le secteur du trail », in B. Vignal, E. Boutroy, V. Reynier, Une montagne d’innovations, Grenoble : Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, p. 123-134.

Boutroy E., Vignal B., Soulé B., (2015) « Theories of innovation applied to the outdoor sport sector: overview and perspectives », Society and Leisure, 38 (3), p. 383-398

Boutroy E., Soulé B., Vignal B., (2014) « Analyse sociotechnique d’une innovation sportive : le cas du kitesurf », Innovations, 2014-1, p. 163-185