Fanny Thomas

Associate Professor at Polytech Angers – Université d’Angers (GRANEM)

My research primarily focuses on food marketing, health and nutrition, sensory marketing, and information processing on packaging. I have a particular interest in the impact of visual cues and perceptual biases that can influence consumers’ product evaluations and behaviors. I am also interested in sustainable consumption, specifically studying consumer behavior towards alternative protein sources to meat.

Selected publications

Thomas, F., & Capelli, S. (2023). Increasing purchase intention while limiting binge‐eating: The role of repeating the same flavor‐giving ingredient image on a front of package. Psychology & Marketing.

Capelli, S., & Thomas, F. (2021). To look tasty, let’s show the ingredients! Effects of ingredient images on implicit tasty–healthy associations for packaged products. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, vol 61, 102061.

Thomas, F., & Capelli, S. (2018). The effect of the number of ingredient images on package evaluation and product choice. Recherche et Applications en Marketing (French Edition), 33(3), 7-33

Thomas F., Guillet M., Pantin-Sohier G & Piqueras-Fizsman B. (2022). « Ce produit a du goût ! L’influence de la taille des ingrédients sur les emballages sur l’évaluation du produit selon le positionnement gourmand (vs. Sain) », 21ème Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation au Havre, 17-18 novembre.

Thomas F., Richard P., Focone F, Pantin-Sohier G., Marquis D., Hedhili A. (2022), “Concreteness level of insect representation on insect food packagings and its effect on product preference and evaluation”. Insect to Feed the Word, 12-16 june 2022, Québec, Canada

Thomas F., Pantin-Sohier G., Piqueras-Fiszman B (2022) « Bigger is more: ingredient size bias perception on product evaluation ». 21th International Marketing Trends Conference, Jan 2022, Roma, Italy.

Thomas F., Pantin-Sohier G., Piqueras-Fiszman B (2020) « Is my baby’s snack of good quality? Effect of the ingredient images size on the front of packaging » Eurosense 2020, Dec 2020, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thomas F., Piqueras-Fizsman B., et Pantin-Sohier G. (2020), « The Effect of Ingredient Images on Baby Food Packaging on Healthiness Perception, Quality, and Trust », Academy of Marketing Science, Coral Gables, Miami, 20-22 mai 2020

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