Jennifer Takhar

Associate Professor of Marketing at ISG Business School (GRIPIC).

Jennifer Takhar is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Communication at ISG Business School. Her research interests lie in Consumer Culture, digital identity politics, transhumanisms, biotechnologies, innovative research methods and articulating marketing dynamics through novel representational forms. Her work is attentive to the rhetorical and literary strategies used to persuade consumers. She is co-editor of the Consumer Culture Theory poetry chapbook.

Selected publications

Takhar, J., Houston, R., & Dholakia, N. (Eds.). (2022). Transhumanisms and Biotechnologies in Consumer Society. Taylor & Francis.

Takhar, J., Houston, H. R., & Dholakia, N. (2022). Live very long and prosper? Transhumanist visions and ambitions in 2021 and beyond…. Journal of Marketing Management, 38(5-6), 399-422.

Takhar, J. (2020). The voice inside. Marketing Theory, 20(2), 167-174.

Takhar, J. (2021). IVF survivorship, the IVF memoir and reproductive activism. Journal of Marketing Management, 1-13.

Takhar, J., & Rika Houston, H. (2021). Forty years of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs): the evolution of a marketplace icon. Consumption Markets & Culture, 24(5), 468-478.

Takhar, J. (2022). Communicative crises in the age of anxious reproduction and fertility preservation. Consumption Markets & Culture, 1-7.

Takhar, J., & Pemberton, K. (2019). Reproducing “rhetrickery” in online fertility marketing: Harnessing the “rhetoric of the possible”. Consumption Markets & Culture, 22(4), 314-336.

Pemberton, K., & Takhar, J. (2021). A critical technocultural discourse analysis of Muslim fashion bloggers in France: charting ‘restorative technoscapes’. Journal of Marketing Management, 37(5-6), 387-416.

Takhar, J. (2020). Shopkeeping. Journal of Marketing Management, 36(13-14), 1280-1284.

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