Joonas Rokka

Associate Professor of Marketing at EMLYON Business School, France.


I am Associate Professor of Marketing at EMLYON Business School, France. My research is on branding, consumer experience and culture, digital media, and creative visual research methods. I’ve published in several book chapters and articles in international journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, and Management Decision. I was the recipient of The Sidney J. Levy Awardfor my dissertation research in 2015, and the Judges’ Award for the best consumer research film in 2009, 2011, and 2014 Association for Consumer Research Conference. Also, I co-write blog on video-based research methods.

I have professional experience in marketing and business development in a leading Finnish FMCG company (Valio Ltd, between 2002-2011). My own company, Paris-Helsinki Ltd., is specialised in management training and consulting. Among other work, I have helped start-up companies such as MottoWasabi (spatial and interior design), Smartcart (just-in-time advertising) and Sailer (customer experience research) as advisory board member.


Selected publications

Cléret B., Dehling A., Leroy J., Rokka J., Sohier A. et Herbert M. (2018), L’approche vidéographique dans la recherche en marketing : Quel protocole méthodologique ?, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 33, 3, 90-127.

Rokka J. et Hietanen J. (2018), Réflexion autour du positionnement de la vidéographie comme outil de théorisation, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 33, 3,128-146.

Hietanen, J. and Rokka, J. (2017), Companion fir the videography ‘Monstrous Organizing The Dubstep Electronic Music Scene’, Organization

Godey, B., Manthiou, A., Pederzoli, D., Rokka, J., Aiello, G., Donvito, R. and Singh, R. (2016) Social media marketing efforts of luxury brands: influence on brand equity and consumer behavior, Journal of Business Research69 (12), 5833-5841.

Rokka, J. and Canniford, R. (2016) Heterotopian selfies: how social media destabilizes brand assemblages, European Journal of Marketing, 50 (9/10), 1789-1813.

Rokka, J. (2016) Champagne: marketplace icon, Consumption Markets & Culture, DOI: 10.1080/10253866.2016.1177990 (in press).

Hietanen, J. & Rokka, J. (2015) Market practices in countercultural market emergence, European Journal of Marketing49 (9-10), 1563-1588.

Woermann, N. & Rokka, J. (2015) Timeflow: How Consumption Practices Shape Consumers’ Temporal Experiences, Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (6), 1486-1508. (Winner of the Sidney J. Levy Award)

Rokka, J., Karlsson, K. & Tienari, J. (2014) Balancing acts: Managing employees and reputation in social media, Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (7-8), 802-827. (Featured on Routledge Social Sciences Most Read articles in 2014)

Hietanen, J., Rokka, J. & Schouten, J.W. (2014) Commentary on Schembri and Boyle (2013): From representation towards expression in videographic consumer research, Journal of Business Research, 67 (9), 2019-2022.

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Rokka, J. & Uusitalo, L. (2008) Preference for Green Packaging in Consumer Product Choices – Do Consumers Care? International Journal of Consumer Studies, 32 (5), 516-525.

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