Lucie Wiart

Teaching Assistant, Science Po Lille, LUMEN (IAE Lille, ULR 4999), CERAPS (UMR 8026).

Lucie holds a Ph.D. in management and her research interests cover the areas of marketing and consumer research (market dynamics and alternative consumption) and organizational theory (alternative organizing, power relations within organizations, critical performativity).

Through a knowledge of philosophical and political perspectives, her research is built around two major axes:

  • First axis: A new political theorization of market dynamics, through a critical and discursive perspective. Her wish is to develop the understanding of market legitimacy phenomena, for example by integrating the role of emotions in market delegitimization phenomena of by mobilizing the concept of hegemony in the study of contested market legitimacy maintenance.
  • Second axis: To understand and examine new constructions of Nature and non-human Animals through, for example, discourses such as ecofeminism, post humanism, antispeciesism, deep ecology and their performative effects via alternative organizations’ and consumers’ practices.

Her research are anchored into a critical epistemology and aims at calling for deconstruction and emancipation on topics mainly related to non-human animals, gender ,climate change and biodiversity loss issues.