Olivier Sibai

Lecturer at Birkbeck (University of London).

Olivier Sibai joined Birkbeck in 2014 and completed his PhD at Aston University, Birmingham. Olivier Sibai’s research interests revolve broadly around Consumer Culture and Transformative Consumer Research. He has a particular interest in the exercise of power in the marketplace. His current research projects focus on brand activism, anti-racism consumer movements, market-place exclusion, violence in consumer communities, deviance in consumer communities, marginal consumption practices, consumer isolation and self-care. While Olivier conducts mainly interpretivist research, he is interested in various methodologies and approaches. Olivier currently convenes postgraduate dissertations in the Management department. He teaches Strategic Brand Management and Digital Marketing.

Selected publications

M. Brouard, K. Brunk, M. Belkhir, M. Campana, M. Dalmoro, M. C. Ferreira, B. Figueiredo, D. Scaraboto, O. Sibai, and A. Smith (2023) « Upload Your Impact”: Can Digital Enclaves Enable Participation in Racialized Markets? » Journal of Marketing and Public Policy Making, Forthcoming.

Sibai O., K. Brunk, M. Belkhir, M. Brouard, M. Campana, M. Dalmoro, M. C. Ferreira, B. Figueiredo, D. Scaraboto A. Smith (2022) “Market-centric pathways for racial inclusion: the case of #MyBlackReceipt” Advance in Consumer Research, Forthcoming

Sibai O., Mimoun L., and Boukis A. (2021) “Authenticating brand activism: Negotiating the boundaries of free speech to make a change, Psychology & Marketing 38 (10) 1-19.

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Sibai, O., K De Valck, AM Farrell, J Rudd, (2015), “Social control in online communities of consumption: a framework for community management, Psychology & Marketing 32 (3) 250–264.

Contact : o.sibai@bbk.ac.uk