Raficka Hellal-Guendouzi

Lecturer & Researcher in Marketing at EM Strasbourg (HuManiS UR 7308)

Raficka Hellal-Guendouzi is a Lecturer & Researcher at EM Strasbourg Business School, University of Strasbourg. She first started her corporate career holding various positions in marketing and consulting for ten years. She subsequently joined the fields of academic teaching and research.
She defended her doctoral thesis in management sciences (marketing) at the University of Strasbourg (BETA-CNRS Laboratory) in 2020. Her thesis is entitled :« Experiences of expatriation, (multi)acculturation and consumption behaviors : the case of food acculturation of professional expatriates and their families ».
Her main areas of interest and research focus on cross-cultural studies, ethnicity and food consumption behaviors. More specifically, she is interested in the acculturation process of highly qualified expatriates, the links between cultures, identities and consumer behaviors. Finally, her work falls more broadly within the research mainstream of the CCT.

Selected publications

Hellal-Guendouzi R. et Dekhili S. (Online First), Comment l’acculturation alimentaire influence-t-elle le bien-être des expatriés professionnels ?, Décisions Marketing, [CNRS cat. 3 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES B], n° 102.

Modes, processus et stratégies d’acculturation alimentaire des expatriés professionnels, in « Le national face au global », à paraître en octobre 2021, Eds. Vuibert.

Hellal-Guendouzi, R., & Dekhili, S. (2020). « Je mange donc je suis » : modes et stratégies d’acculturation alimentaire des expatriés professionnels. 36ème Congrès international de l’Association Française du Marketing (AFM), 20 mai, Biarritz (France).

Hellal-Guendouzi, R., & Dekhili, S. (2019). Modes, processus et stratégies d’acculturation alimentaire des expatriés professionnels. 9ème Conférence Atlas-Afmi de l’Association Francophone de Management International, le national face au global : nouvelles perspectives pour le management international, 17-19 juin, Fribourg (Suisse).

Hellal-Guendouzi, R., & Dekhili, S. (2019). Food acculturation of professional expatriates: A cross-cultural study. Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (AMS), Marketing Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Global Marketplace, 29-31 mai, Vancouver (Canada).

Hellal-Guendouzi, R., & Dekhili, S. (2019). Les phases de l’acculturation alimentaire des expatriés professionnels : une comparaison interculturelle. 35ème Congrès International de l’AFM, Marketing et Territoires, 15-17 mai, Le Havre (France).

Hellal-Guendouzi, R., & Dekhili, S. (2018). I am open to eat what is in front of me in the host country: A comprehension of expatriates’ acculturation. 21st Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress (AMS), Finding New Ways to Engage and Satisfy Global Customers, 27-29 juin, Porto (Portugal).

Contact : raficka.hellal-guendouzi@em-strasbourg.eu