2nd Lyon Videography Workshop, May 16-18.

Apply now to the 2nd Videography Workshop organised

at EMLYON Business School, Lyon, France

16-18 May, 2016. 


This two-and-half-day intensive workshop is designed particularly for researchers, Phd students, and industry practitioners who wish to communicate their research through video medium, or who wish to prepare a videography submission for a conference. It consists of both theoretical and practical ingredients and insights on research videography production, including short lectures, discussions, readings, video examples, and a hands-on videography research project that is completed during the workshop. In short, videography presents an innovative and transdisciplinary research methodology that can be used to study, for example, identities, experiences, communities, practices, brands, or organisation on the moving image. If you’re curious to know more, have a look on participant reflections from the last videography workshop here.  Participate by sending a message of interest to: joonas.rokka(at)gmail.com. We can only accept max 15 participants for the workshop, so be quick to reserve your spot!


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