Matthew Hawkins

Assistant professor of Marketing at ICN Business School

I am currently an assistant professor of marketing at ICN Business school and a researcher for the CEREFIGE laboratory at the University of Lorraine. My research primarily addresses some aspect of consumer identity. In particular, consumer behavior is not only guided by the relationships individuals have with brands but also by the relationship they have with what they do. In terms of methodology, I am open to both qualitative and quantitative methods and am interested in developing innovative ways to study practices, routines, or , in other words, what consumers do. I have published in multiple international journals and presented at numerous conferences.

Selected Publications

Hawkins, Matthew A. (2019). The Effect of Activity Identity Fusion on Negative Consumer Behavior. Psychology & Marketing. 36(4), 395-409.

Hawkins, Matthew A. (2018). Researching and Marketing to Consumption CollectivesInternational Journal of Market Research. 60(5), 517-530.

Hawkins, Matthew A. (2017). Brand network communities: Leveraging brand relationships within the supply-chainJournal of Brand Management. 24(6), 516-521.

Shin, Joonho, Mendoza, Xavier, Hawkins, Matthew A., & Choi, Changbum. (2017). The Relationship between Multinationality and Performance: Knowledge-Intensive vs. Capital-Intensive Service Micro-Multinational EnterprisesInternational Business Review. 26(5), 867-700. DOI: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2017.02.005.

Jiang, Tzuu Hwa, Cheng, Li Min, & Hawkins, Matthew A. (2017). A study of regulatory policies and relevant issues concerning E-cigarette use in Taiwan. International Journal of Health Planning and Management. 33(1), 119-130.

Hawkins, Matthew A. (2015).  Market identification to generation_A practice theory market orientationJournal of Strategic Marketing. 23(2), 112-121.

Hawkins, Matthew A. & Rezazade, Mohammad H. (2012). Knowledge boundary spanning process-Synthesizing four spanning mechanismsManagement Decision. 50(10), 1800-1815.

Hawkins, Matthew A. & Saleem, Fathima Z. (2012). The Omnipresent Personal Narrative-Story Formulation and the Interplay Among NarrativesJournal of Organizational Change Management. 25(2), 204-219.

Selected Presentations

Saleem, Fathima Z., Hawkins, Matthew A., (presented) & Pyle, Martin (May 29-June 1, 2018). In Blog We Trust: Examining How Blog Narrative Fit and Sponsorship Influence Consumers, EMAC, Glasgow. UK.

Hawkins, Matthew (August 3-6, 2017). The Roles Identity Central Possessions Play in Consumers’ Lives, APA Annual Convention (Division 23 – Consumer Psychology), Washington, DC. USA.

Hawkins, Matthew A. & Rome, Alexandra (June 18-21, 2015). Practice Makes Perfect: Conceptualizing Identity Construction as a PracticeConsumer Culture Theory Conference, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Saleem, Fathima Z. & Hawkins, Matthew A. (presented) (March 7-9, 2013). Resourcing Tensions Across Multiple Identities: A Case of Online Personal BrandersAnthropology of Markets & Consumption Conference. University of California-Irvine, Irvine, California.

Personal webpage: Hawkden

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