Vient de paraître – Numéro spécial coordonné par A. Decrop dans l’International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research

Consumer behaviour nowadays represents the major research stream in marketing, as product choice and consumption are keys to business success and to a better comprehension of human beings. In the past decades, the study of consumer behaviour has been widely integrated into the body of tourism and leisure research. A large number of researchers have been involved in an attempt to assess the relevance and to test the validity of consumer theories/models in this context.

The Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure (CPTHL) Symposium, launched 17 years ago, has been the first conference to develop a strong focus on consumer behaviour in the field of tourism and leisure from both theoretical and practical perspectives. After a series of eight symposia held throughout the World (from Hawaii to Vienna, from Montreal to Istanbul), the Center for Research on Consumption and Leisure (CeRCLe) within the University of Namur has hosted the event in July 2015. This special issue features a selection of the best papers that have been presented during the symposium.

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Read the editorial: Alain Decrop, (2017) « Editorial », International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol. 11 Issue: 1, pp.1-3. IJCTHR-01-2017-0002


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