Anthony Beudaert

Associate professor of Marketing at the University Savoie Mont Blanc (IREGE)

Anthony Beudaert is assistant professor of marketing at the University Savoie Mont Blanc (IREGE research center). His research interests focus on consumer vulnerability and exclusion issues, as well as sensory and experiential marketing. To date, his work has been dedicated to the context of consumers with disabilities, and especially with sensory impairments. His research has been published in Journal of Business ResearchConsumption, Markets & CultureJournal of Services Marketing, and Research in Consumer Behavior.

Selected publications
Beudaert A (in press)., Towards an embodied understanding of consumers with disabilities: insights from the field of disability studies, Consumption, Markets & Culture
Beudaert A., Gorge H. et Herbert M. (2017), An exploration of servicescapes’ exclusion and coping strategies of consumers with “hidden” auditory disorders, Journal of Services Marketing, 31(4-5), 326-338.

Beudaert A., Özçağlar-Toulouse N. et Türe M. (2016), Becoming sensory disabled: Understanding Self-Transformation through Rites of Passage, Journal of Business Research, 69(1), 57-64.
Beudaert A., Özçağlar-Toulouse N. et Türe M. (2015), Negotiating identity reconstruction through consumption: An analysis of the experiences of consumers with acquired sensory impairments, in R.W. Belk, J.B. Murray et A. Thyroff, Research in Consumer Behavior, vol. 17, Bingley, Emerald Group Publishing, 349-366.