Chair of Excellence PAUSE (Poverty And Sufficiency) – Post-doc position

Summary of the position
The post-doc candidate will contribute to an international research project funded by I-Site ULNE. The Chair of Excellence leaded by Pr. Craig Thompson, University of Wisconsin- Madison, jointly with Dr. Hélène Gorge, University of Lille is titled: « Poverty and Sufficiency: Dynamics of Inclusion for Poor people to the Ecological Transition » (PAUSE).

Details of the position
The post-doc candidate will be recruited for two years, under the supervision of Dr. Hélène Gorge, and Pr. Craig Thompson.

General context
Issues of poverty and sustainability are rarely connected. On the one hand, the financial situation of poor people relegates sufficiency to the background, behind housing, food or health priorities. On the other hand, debates and work on sustainability rarely include the issues of poverty and vulnerability into their thought. Yet, sustainability influences a set of consumption choices for which individuals must reconsider their needs. The question of needs is precisely at the heart of the daily concerns of people living below the poverty line, who are living in a state of constrained sustainability. What are the institutional logics that can help people who already experience different forms of constraints to include sustainability into their consumption logics? How can sustainability be conveyed and updated at both the individual and collective levels?

Profile and missions
The post-doc candidate is expected to hold a PhD in Business Administration (marketing, consumer research, management), in Sociology, Anthropology or Political Sciences with interest on sustainability, markets and consumption; and competences in qualitative methods (in depth interviews, ethnography…). The missions will be the following: conducting
fieldworks in France, participating to the analysis of the findings,  organizing workshops and seminars around the project, and taking part in the writing of research articles.
We are expecting from the candidates: previous academic performance (prizes, publication, and/or participation in international programs…), experience in research, adequacy between the profiles of the candidate and the research project.
Working closely with the team in France and the team in the United States, the post-doc will be able to build relationships with the different stakeholders involved in the project; will have good organizational skills to respect the project’s planning; and will be expected to take initiatives. S/He will master English and French.

Work environment
Contract: Temporary contract (two years long)
Status: Full-time employed
Employer: Université of Lille – I Site UNLE
Description of the research unit: The activity will be carried out at the University of Lille, within the research lab LUMEN. This research lab includes 86 permanent researchers in various fields: marketing and consumer research, finance, management, strategy. The postdoc will be working with the team « Consumption, Culture and Markets ».

Application requirements

Start of the position: June – September 2021
End of applications: 10th May 2021
Contact: CV, motivation letter in English, and 2 recommendation letters (or contact information of potential referees) to be addressed to: Hélène Gorge,