Dominique Desjeux

Anthropologist, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne, Paris University.

Anthropologist, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne, Paris University.

After working with M. Crozier, A.Touraine and G. Balandier, he has been conducting contract research since 1969 in China, the USA, Brazil, Europe and Africa for numerous private companies, government departments and NGOs. . He is the author of numerous books on consumption, energy, mobility, innovations and decisions in organizations and domestic space. He runs the network of professional socio-anthropologists : anthropik.

Selected publications

Desjeux, 2019, « From village agricultural systems to urban middle-class kitchens. The Detour, the Transposition and the Translation: the three Skills of Professional Anthropology, in Nicoletta Diasio, Marie Pierre Julien (éds.), Anthropology of Family Food Practices. Constraints, Adjustments, Innovation, Peter Lang, pp. 267-286

Desjeux, 2018, L’empreinte anthropologique du monde. Méthode inductive illustrée, Peter Lang, 383 p. (traduit en anglais et en chinois)

Desjeux, 2018, « Bronislaw Malinowski, or the elementary material and symbolic forms of production, exchange and consumption”, in Soren Askegaard, Benoit Heibrunn (éds.), Canonical Authors in Consumption Theory, Routledge, pp. 79-85

Desjeux, MA Jing jing, 2017, “The Enigma of Innovation. Changing Practices of Nonalcoholic Beverage Consumption in China”, Cultural Change From A Business Anthropology Perspective, Lexington Books, pp.165-186

Desjeux, YANG Xiao min, 2017, « L’observation de l’émergence de la classe moyenne chinoise à partir de 1997 », in YANG Xiao min, ZHENG Lihua, Chine-France : connaître et reconnaître, l’Harmattan, pp. 443-466

Desjeux, 2015, « Le double bang énergétique, de la grande divergence du XVIIIe siècle à la convergence compétitive du XXIe siècle », in M.C. Zelem, C. Beslay, 2015, Sociologie de l’énergie, CNRS éditions, pp. 29-33