Federico García Baena

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing at IAE Poitiers – University de Poitiers (CEREGE)

Federico García Baena is currently PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Thomas Stenger (CEREGE). His doctoral research focuses on the self-tracking experience of the culturally situated boxer, CrossFit, and fitness enthusiasts. With an ethnographic method, Federico dived in these different sub-cultures for years to understand their self-tracking and life experience. His research interests range from consumer cultures to notions of self, identity, and the body, and to the sociology of recognition.

Selected publications

García Baena, F. (2019). Self-tracking in sports: an emic perspective. Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Montréal, 17-19 juillet.

García Baena, F. (2019). Being one with myself(tracking). Recognition and mutuality in the context of sports. 10th EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop, Lyon, 9-10 mai.

García Baena, F. (2018). Je me mesure donc je suis ; le soi et la mesure de soi. Utilisation d’objets connectés et pratiques de médiations identitaires dans le contexte pugilistique. 17èmes Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation, Rouen, 22-23 novembre.

Contact : fgarciabaena@univ-catholyon.fr