Laurent Busca

Ph.D. in Management Sciences – Marketing

Maître de Conférences – Institut Montpellier Management (Université de Montpellier) – MRM

Laurent Busca received a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from Université Toulouse Capitole. He is interested in the enactment of routine marketing practices and the way these practices influence the shaping of markets. Integrating various theoretical perspectives such as Critical Realism, Practice Theory, ANT, Foucauldian Theory and Neo-Institutionalism, he analyses the way marketing routines interact with material artefacts in order to intertwine and destabilize cultural structures of representations and how these mechanisms cause market evolutions. This interest led him to investigate the historical evolution of digital marketing and epistemological issues in marketing and management sciences.

Curious in nature, he is currently working on other research projects concerned with (1) the structuration of consumer-managed online communities, (2) the interaction of fair pricing procedures and the power balance between retailers and producers, (3) the impact of organic private-labelled products on retailer’s image, and (4) olfactory stimulation techniques for harnessing the creativity of regular consumers for co-creation purposes. All these projects have in common a focus either on representational activity and its impact on individual behaviour or on power relations between actors.

Selected publications

Busca, L. (2018), Histoire de résistances : une approche généalogique de l’Internet marchand. In Gicquel, Y. & Roux, D. (eds) Penser critique. La consommation au prisme des mondes de Foucault, Editions EMS, Paris.

Bertrandias, L., Busca, L., & Pichon, P. (2017). Une explication de l’effet positif de la mention « coopérative » sur l’emballage : la justice perçue du processus de fixation des prix. In 33rd AFM Conference, Tours, May 17-19.

Busca, L., & Bertrandias, L. (2016). The Many-Faced Consumer: Practices and Consequences of Social Media Government. In 2016 Association for Consumer Research Conference, Berlin, Germany, October 27-30.

Busca, L., Casteran, G. & Ruspil, T. (2015). Crafting the value of the link: practices, inscriptions and hierarchical position in modding communities. In 31st AFM Conference, Marrakech, Morocco, May 20-21.