Sondes Zouaghi

Associate Professor in Paris-Seine University (Cergy-Pontoise) –

Head of Théma Marketing and Management (TMM) research group (Théma CNRS umr 8184).

As a researcher, I’m interested in three areas in consumer behavior: Marketing Identity (ethnicity, self-concept), Social Marketing (associative environment, crowfunding, organ donation) and Paradigmatic Changes (role of the researcher in dissemination of ideas, multicultural studies, postcolonial studies).

Mobilized theories belong to Clinical Psychology (group mentality, identity tension, personality, attachment, superstition, taboo of death, body), to Social Psychology (identity, social representations), to Sociology (ethnicity, group identity) and to Ethnology (for methodological applications).

I hold a PhD from Dauphine University, a master’s degree in Clinical psychology from Paris 5-René Descartes University and I’m head of a master’s degree in marketing studies in Paris-Seine University (MEMO).

Selected publications

Chouk Inès & Zouaghi Sondes (2018), De l’empowerment à l’engagement : aidons les donneurs d’organes silencieux à parler à leurs proches, Décision Marketing, 89 (à paraître)

Zouaghi Sondes (2016), Le cas sensible de l’ethnicité : l’exemple de l’étude de la diversité en marketing, Revue Internationale de Psychologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels, vol. XXII(54): 131-137.

Zouaghi Sondes, Chouk Ines & Rieunier Sophie (2015), Promoting organ donation through the ‘intensity of discussions’ with next of kin: role of superstition, taboo of death and personality variables, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 30(3): 109–127.

Zouaghi Sondes (2015), Ethnic segmentation in marketing: a tool for social domination in France ?, Society and Business Review, special issue: Changing paradigms and/or concepts to understand reality: Markets, Organization and Society, 10(3): 243-257.

Béji-Bécheur Amina, Özçağlar-Toulouse Nil & Zouaghi Sondes (2012), Ethnicity Introspected: Researchers in Search of their Identity, Journal of Business Research, 65(4): 504-510.

Zouaghi Sondes (2012), Etudier l’ethnicité : un défi et des solutions innovantes ; in L’Ethnicité : Fabrique Marketing, Béji-Bécheur A. et Özçağlar-Toulouse N. (éds). Edition EMS Management et Société, 75-105.

Zouaghi Sondes & Béji-Bécheur Amina (2011), Hammam, soins du corps et soins de soi : Espace ethnique et réduction des tensions identitaires, Perspectives Culturelles de la Consommation, 1(1): 79-108.

Institutional Membership

Membre du Bureau de l’Association Française du Marketing (afm)

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