Philippe Odou

Professor of Marketing at Reims Champagne-Ardenne University (REGARDS).

My research examines cognitive and emotional dimensions of consumer decision making. Much of this research focuses on the influence of the beliefs system on judgment (stereotypic beliefs about product’s origin or company in general via skepticism or cynicism, social or ethical beliefs) and how consumers are coping with the contradictions between their beliefs and consumption behaviors. First impression on product, sales promotion, adoption of emerging consumption pratices, sustainable and illegal consumption are the main area in which my research interests have been applied.

Selected publications

Odou P., Roberts G., and Roux D. (2017), Co-producing cyber protest: Mesomobilization in the Digital age, Consumption, Markets and Culture, forthcoming.

Odou P. and Bonnin G. (2014), Consumers’ neutralization strategies to counter normative pressure: The case of illegal downloading, Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition)29(1): 103-121.

de Pechpeyrou P. and Odou P. (2012), Consumer skepticism and promotion effectiveness, Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition)27(2): 45-69.

Odou P. and de Pechpeyrou P. (2011), Consumer cynicism: From resistance to anti-consumption in a disenchanted world?, European Journal of Marketing, 45(11/12): 1799-1808.

Bonnin G. and Odou P. (2010), Les communautés imaginées, un territoire d’action marketing? Le cas de l’entreprise de rencontre en ligne Meetic, Décisions Marketing, 58: 27-36.

Odou P. (2005), L’heuristique d’ancrage et d’ajustement comme mode d’évaluation d’un produit nouveau, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 20(3): 21-38.

Institutional Membership

Association Française de Marketing

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